Quality Food and Beverages since 2004!

Why settle for just one type of Corn Dog, when you have a world of CHOICES. Once you have our upscale gourmet Corn Dogs, Its hard to settle for anything less.

Elephant Ears, Fried Cookies & Cream, and additional deep fried desserts.

Global Corn Dogs

We know everything there is to know about Lemonade. Fresh Squeezed, Old-Fashion, Pink, and flavored Lemonade. Also Fresh Squeezed Limeade.

Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake, Strawberries, Banana's, Marshmallows.

Down Home RAD's Root Beer Floats, Frozen Pink Lemonade, Chocolate Sundaes.

Chocolate Delitez


Fried Delitez

Friendly Service, Professionally Dedicated, and Fully Insured.

We take great pride in our products, and in our staff. Our staff are certified food handlers to insure safe food handling practices, and to meet and exceed ​health departments most exacting standards. In addition, we maintain a year round insurance policy just incase the unforeseen occurs. In addition, we are an associate member of the Texas Association of Fairs and Events. 

4 Booths to choose from

Have 1 or all 4 at your  event

As a specialty food and beverage company, Horst Concessions have designed our booths with a themed menu of what each booth has to offer. As a professional concessions company, we only utilize the finest professional equipment to deliver and serve our products. Each 10' x 10' booth are manufactured from Anchor Industries; a leader in the tent industry. Our "Chocolate Delitez" and "Lemonade Oasis" booths do operate outside as well as indoors. Due to the frying requirements, "Global Corn Dogs" and "Fried Delitez" are outside booths only. 

Lemonade Oasis

Welcome toHorst Concessions 

Home of Chocolate Delitez & Specialty Products

Horst Concessions is a family owned and operated specialty food service company that is sure to be an asset to any fair, festival or special event. Founded in 2004 under the name "Chocolate Delitez" where we are best known for The Original Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake on a stick and RAD's Down Home Root-Beer Floats.